Fermented At Home Sauerkraut Smothering The BEST All Beef Hot Dogs

Using the very finest ingredients, including homemade sauerkraut, which used up two cabbages included in the final winter box of veggies in a CSA farm share from Roxbury Farm in Kinderhook (Columbia County), New York, to smother all beef hot dogs was a surprising meal for this mostly vegetarian, mindful eater.  But as I awaited […]

Farm Share Red Beets Used To Sweeten Up Apple Cakelets

For nearly a dozen years, a full vegetable farm share from Roxbury Farm in Kinderhook (Columbia County), New York has meant 24 weeks of biodynamic veggies during the season, running from early June to mid November. Next year, in 2019, the full vegetable share at a cost of $630.00 means for approximately $25.00 each week, […]

Blending Spices to Share This Holiday Season: Homemade Herbes de Provence

In the 1970s, commercial blends of dried herbs, typical of the Provence region of southeast France, became popular and successfully marketed as Herbes de Provence. According to the Wikipedia article on this mixture of spices, Provençal cuisine has traditionally used many herbs which were often characterized collectively as herbes de Provence, but not in specific combinations, and not […]

Morning Apple Crumble, A Delicious Seasonal Treat For Late October

With a bushel of delicious, crispy, juicy and slightly tart organic Empire apples from upstate New York’s Hemlock Grove Farm in West Danby (Tompkins County) to enjoy and share this fall season, a recipe for Morning Apple Crumble included in the All About Sweeteners brochure of the National Co-op Grocers (NCG) seemed a good way […]

Delicious Eggplant Stew Using A Bountiful Seasonal Crop

This has been the summer for growing eggplant in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. Eggplant included in a weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) farm share from Roxbury Farm in Kinderhook (Columbia County) plus a planting of eggplant in my backyard garden has been challenging to use even for a household that loves baba […]

Blueberry Rhubarb Cobbler Inspired By Chez Panisse Recipe: Low Sugar & Easy to Make

A few weeks ago, in a Here to Help column appearing in the New York Times, Molly O’Neill shared a recipe for Chez Panisse’s Blueberry Cobbler. O’Neill noted that the recipe prizes the berries above all, using only 1/3 cup of sugar. A blueberry cobbler from the kitchens of Chez Panisse, the mother of all […]

Mom’s Popovers: Brought Back to Mind By A Maine Soup Kitchen’s Awesome Community Building With Popovers Hot Out of the Oven

In the current issue of Yankee Magazine, which for decades has been a welcome sight in the mailbox, a recipe for the summer specialty of popovers, at the non-profit Common Good Soup Kitchen in Southwest Harbor (a town on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County), Maine, was a reminder of my mom’s popovers cooked up […]

Organic Montmorency Cherry Cobbler: A Valentine’s Day Dessert

Despite a sweet tooth for cakes and pies and the appeal of indulging in a sweet dessert on Valentine’s Day, with the stirring film Fed Up still in mind, an organic cherry cobbler with a scoop of organic ice-cream (or some tangy plain farmstead yogurt!) seemed a better way to satisfy the taste for a […]

A Delicious Farm-to-Fork Recipe From Vermont’s Cedar Circle Farm: Spinach and Smoked Chicken Gratin

[Editor’s Note (FWB): We previously posted an appreciative review of cookbook writer Tracey Medeiros’s The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook, 150 Home-Grown Recipes from the Green Mountain State (The Countryman Press, Woodstock, VT, Distributed by W.W. Norton & Co., New York, NY, 2013), which our reviewer noted was a collection of 150 carefully curated recipes, featuring […]

Jonny Cake Recipe: Secret Is In the Corn

The Food of a Younger Land by Mark Kurlansky (Riverhead Books, member of Penguin Group, New York, 2009), reviewed here this past summer, is A Portrait of American Food before the national highway system, before chain restaurants, and before frozen food, when the nation’s food was seasonal, regional, and traditional- From The Lost WPA Files (as noted on […]

Potted Peppermint Porch Plants Prospering Into November in Upstate NY

For the 2017 growing season in upstate New York’s Capital District, I decided to grow a mixture of peppermint, spearmint, and basil plants in hanging pots on the front porch of my home in the Pine Hills neighborhood of Albany. With the mildest autumn I can remember in the nearly 40 years of hanging pots […]

The Most Delicious Green Beans: Fedco’s Haricots Verts Prepared Almondine

After harvesting in mid July this season’s garlic crop from two small raised beds, this backyard gardener decided to plant a fall crop of bush beans in those beds. One reason to plant a fall crop of beans is to have fresh from the garden green beans to cook up in tomato sauce made with […]

Essex Farm’s Kristin Kimball Advises: Steam Corn on the Cob, Don’t Boil It

A couple of years ago, we posted a glowing book review of Kristin Kimball’s The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love (Scribner, New York, New York, 2011). Kimball’s memoir is a page-turner that tells a very personal story on how the acres she farms with her husband became their life together and the […]

Delicious Cracker Recipe: Homemade With Organic & Local Whole Grains

A little over two years ago, I clipped an eye-catching article with the playful title, Crunch Factor: Crackers, Jacked, from Saveur magazine on artisanal crackers by Keith Pandolfi, who noted “Ten to try, and one DIY” (do it yourself). The short article was illustrated with beautiful photos of each of the ten crackers “worth seeking out.” […]

Delicious & Wholesome: Oatmeal Strawberry Squares From Beatrice Trum Hunter’s Trail-Blazing “The Natural Foods Cookbook” From 1961

Reporter Sam Roberts’ story in the New York Times last month on the death at 98 of Beatrice Trum Hunter, who was the author of The Natural Food Cookbook (first published in 1961 and the first of her 38 books), caught this home cook’s eye by including three appealing recipes as a sampling of her […]

Springtime Energy Boost: Homemade Cherry Almond Granola Bars

I take to heart the advice of Michael Pollan: notably his short and sweet Rule 82 from his Food Rules: “Cook.”  According to Pollan, “Cooking just might be the single most important thing you can do for your dietary health…Cooking for yourself is the only sure way to take back control of your diet from […]

A Sweet & Tart Evening Smoothie With Cherries

Who could have predicted that tart cherries would become a popular remedy for sleeplessness and anxiety in America? Last month, Bloomberg Business Week’s Productivity page focused on ways to sleep better in a column by Gayleen Schafer (1/14/17), Get Some Rest! Schafer’s suggestion to enjoy an evening smoothie caught our attention. Referencing Dr. Robert S. […]

12 Gingerbread Boys, Plus A Mom & A Dad, Inspired By Heirloom Recipe from Pleasant View Farm

Artist Laura Shore who specializes in artwork described as “painted produce from local farms” developed a friendly relationship with farmer Everett Rau of Pleasant View Farm in Altamont (Albany County) in upstate New York from her patronage of a farmers market near her home. Last year, after weekly visits with Everett Rau and his wife […]

Cranberry Pecan Muffins: Thanksgiving Breakfast Treat

I was recently greeting by the pleasing sight of organic Cape Cod cranberries for sale at the Honest Weight Food Co-op in my hometown of Albany, New York. Last autumn, the co-op’s Produce Department wasn’t able to get a supply of this seasonal fruit from Cape Cod (a popular vacation destination for people who live […]

Easy To Make 2 Ingredient Banana Blueberry “Ice-cream”

This hot weather treat is remarkably simple to prepare and packs a tasty, refreshing lift as a healthy, no sugar added, dairy-free dessert. Turning frozen bananas into a kind of ice-cream has become a bit of a summertime phenomenon, with the NY Times last month sharing its “outrageously easy,” one ingredient banana ice-cream recipe. With local, […]

Easy & Delicious Asparagus Recipes To Celebrate Spring

Although the winter of 2015-2016 lacked snow in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York, it was a long winter and spring has been slow in coming. Now with spring here and Albany’s 2016 Tulip Queen anointed, it’s time to be on the lookout for (local and organic) rhubarb and asparagus, in particular, but recent […]

Spring Treat: Cranberry Pecan Waffles With Seasonal Maple Syrup

When the sap begins to run and boiling kettles start producing sweet and savory maple syrup, my mind turns to waffles, hot off the iron, topped with maple syrup. I love the combination of sweet and sour, and maple syrup and tart cranberries are a perfect combo. This recipe for cranberry pecan waffles is a […]

Pumpkin & Kale (or Spinach) Lasagna

Francesca’s Pumpkin & Kale (or Spinach) Lasagna Francesca Zambello, the Artistic & General Director of The Glimmerglass Festival (in its 2016 season offering performances of Puccini’s La Boheme, Rossini’s The Thieving Magpie, Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd and Robert Ward’s Crucible, based on Arthur Miller’s dramatization of the Salem Witch Trials) in Cooperstown (Otsego County, NY) has shared […]

South Pond Farms’ Flavorful Celery Root & Leek Soup, Sweetened Subtly With A Pear

Celery Root & Leek Soup Danielle French, a creative chef and the owner of South Pond Farms in the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario, about 75 minutes from Toronto, has shared a favorite soup recipe that eases the chill of autumn. With its deeply rich celery taste, this hearty and creamy soup has a pure vegetable […]

Delicious Delicata Squash Topped With Sautéed Local Pears in Cinnamon Butter in 30 Minutes

This summer’s CSA (community supported agriculture) share in the bounty of Roxbury Farm has surpassed earlier years.  And for the first time in the past five years, we have received Delicata squash, a cream-colored winter squash with green and orange stripes, from the farm in Kinderhook (Columbia County, NY) in our weekly shares on a couple […]

Five Minute Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal

The sweet and sour combination of strawberries and rhubarb is a seasonal treat.  Indulging in a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie is tempting, but much healthier and in many ways even better is turning the morning bowl of oatmeal into something special by cooking up a stalk of rhubarb with rolled oats and then adding […]

Holiday Side Dish of an Uncommon Root Vegetable from a CSA share: Colorful Roasted Watermelon Radishes

The opportunity to have a share in a CSA (community supported agriculture) family farm is one of the hopeful developments in American agriculture in the past couple of decades.  Although arguably nothing is better than growing your own food, a close second in our modern age is participating in a CSA farm.  In addition to […]

Baba Ghanoush (Roasted Eggplant Dip) With Kalamata Olives

The 2014 growing season in New York’s Hudson Valley has produced bountiful deliveries of biodynamic produce from Roxbury Farm, a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm in Kinderhook (Columbia County) which I have belonged to for the past four years.  Once a week from June to November, my across-the-street neighbors and I take turns picking up […]

Simple and Satisfying Bean Burgers

This year’s summery Memorial Day holiday in upstate New York signals the start of the season for picnics in the park.  A simple to make and satisfying bean burger is a treat not only for picnickers who are vegetarian or vegan.   This bean burger is so good that beef eaters might just be persuaded to […]

Creamy Yogurt Cheese Flavored With Lemony Parsley and Corn Muffins

Once a month, I purchase a log of Vermont Creamery’s [] fresh goat cheese (priced at a reasonable $7.25 for 10.5 ounces at the Honest Weight Food Co-op []).   I enjoy spreading this tangy and creamy cheese on homemade bread or a slice of Berskhire Mountain Bakery’s [] German-style grainy whole meal spelt bread […]

Cherry Coconut Meringue Kisses

With Valentine’s Day a few days away, these delicious meringue cookies are a sweetly tart treat, made with no oils or shortening, but with the very finest local eggs, whose whites are whipped, sweetened and flavored.  Michael Pollan [] in The Omnivore’s Dilemma (The Penguin Press, New York, New York, 2006), praises the organic ideal […]

Baked Eggplant With Juliette Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

As part of a weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) share in the bio-dynamic bounty of Roxbury Farm [] in historic Kinderhook (Columbia County), New York, we were given the option of choosing either Italian eggplant or oblong Asian eggplant.  One of my favorite meals is traditional Italian eggplant parmigiana, so my choice was the more […]

Broccoli Rabe & Garlic Scapes with Wehani Rice, Topped with Fresh Goat Cheese

As part of a weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) share in the biodynamic bounty of Roxbury Farm [] in historic Kinderhook (Columbia County), New York, I was pleased to receive a bunch of broccoli rabe with the second delivery of produce for this 2011 growing season.  The Joy of Cooking [] by Irma S. Rombauer, […]

Homemade and Easy-To-Make Hummus

Hummus served with sliced carrots, celery, and, of course, pita bread, for dipping is a healthy “fast-food” treat and perfect for a New Year’s Day party.  The simple goodness of hummus is a reminder that a “quick and easy snack” need not be a product of a fast-food system, with its highly processed, food-like substances, […]

Oats and Honey Bread

For nearly 40 years, I’ve baked homemade loaves of bread, and one of my favorite recipes comes from Beard on Bread (Alfred A. Knopf, New York, New York, 1973).  The title of this wonderful book always makes me smile:  James Beard was born to love bread, and with the transposition of one letter, his name […]

Baked Acorn Squash With Apples, Cinnamon and Raisins

It was a fairly lengthy debate on what type of turkey to purchase for this Thanksgiving holiday dinner.  My local food co-op, the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, N.Y.,, was offering two types of farm raised turkeys:  an organic turkey from Stone and Thistle Farm [] in East Meredith (Delaware County), New York […]

Ethiopian Teff & Asian Eggplant and Tomato Stew

It’s been a couple of years since I first noticed that my local food coop, the Honest Weight Food Coop in Albany, N.Y.,, was stocking in the bulk foods department an unusual grain, native to Ethiopia where it is a staple food crop, called teff.   As an alternative to using rice or couscous, I […]

Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes And Black-Eyed Peas

Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes and Black-Eyed Peas- Perhaps potatoes and beans don’t go together as easily as a horse and carriage or more on point, rice and beans. Still, combining local and organic Russian banana fingerling potatoes with delicious and easy to cook black-eyed peas makes for a hearty meal.  Using “banana” to describe these […]

Red Lentils & Roma Tomato Stew

Red Lentils & Roma Tomato Stew Served on Whole Wheat Couscous & Topped With Vermont Feta Cheese- A friend with a community garden plot in the Chuck Shoudy memorial garden near Lincoln Park in Albany, New York,  which is one of 46 cooperative neighborhood gardens in Upstate New York’s Capital District, ( has a bountiful, […]

Red Quinoa Pilaf With Sweet Cherries, Dried Apricots and Walnuts

Red Quinoa Pilaf With Sweet Cherries, Dried Apricots and Walnuts- Quinoa (keen-wa) has the highest protein content of all the grains (although technically it is not a true cereal or grain since it is not a member of the grass family). An important food for 6,000 years in South America’s Andes Mountains (called the “mother […]

Black Bean Soup with Red Spring Onions and Garlic Scapes

Black Bean Soup with Red Spring Onions and Garlic Scapes- With a beautiful crop of garlic scapes from my home garden and red spring onions available at the Troy Farmers Market,, which is near my home in Albany, N.Y., as well as a big jar full of organic black beans, grown near Ithaca in […]

Three Grain Cinnamon/Currant English Muffins Hot Off The Griddle

Three Grain Cinnamon/Currant English Muffins Hot Off The Griddle- For years, I settled for store-bought English Muffins until I decided the ingredients were not to my liking. Time to learn how to make English Muffins at home, with honey instead of sugar, a quality oil or local butter, and organic whole grains. The secret is […]

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