Good Food Jobs, a gastro-job search tool, is “designed to link people looking for meaningful food work” with businesses that “need their energy, enthusiasm and intellect.”
CLICK HERE to access their job listings.

The Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), www.nofa.org, is an affiliation of seven state chapters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.   The Association has classified ads which include employment opportunities. CLICK HERE for a link to the ads.

The Greenhorns, “a non profit serving young farmers across America,” which is managed by Anne Dailey, Chandler Briggs and Michelle Rehme, young farmers in Maine, Washington and Virginia, has a “Category” for Job Postings on its blog, “The Irresistible Fleet of Bicycles,”  which promotes The Greenhorns, a documentary film about young farmers in America.   CLICK HERE for a link to The Greenhorns’ blog.

World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms (WWOOF) links volunteers with organic farms and growers.   The website of  The Federation of  WWOOF organizations  promotes the WWOOF movement and provides general information about WWOOF organizations worldwide with nearly 300 hosts in 39 countries.

Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) offers the only J-1 Training and Cultural Exchange Program–as designated by the U.S. Department of State–to solely facilitate a “share and learn” experience on behalf of sustainable agriculture for small-scale farmers and grassroots activists. MESA’s U.S. agricultural program designation permits it to sponsor trainees (“Stewards”) for up to 12 months on a J-1 training visa to come to the U.S. for training and cross-cultural exchange.   MESA also facilitates international training and exchange opportunities with its alumni network for farmers and agrarians from the US and around the world.

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