Grains & Flours

This directory lists growers/millers of organic and artisinal grains and flours, not part of the commodity grain trade. Know where your grains, flours, cereals, pancake & muffin mixes come from!


Hayden Flour Mills
22100 S Sossaman Road
Queen Creek (Maricopa & Pinal counties)
White sonora wheat & farro berries; Flours: wheat (white sonora, red fife, hard red spring, golden durum) & corn; cornmeal, polenta & grits


Grist and Toll
990 S. Arroyo Parkway, Suite 1
Pasadena (Los Angeles County)
Flours: Heritage wheats (Sonora and Red Fife), Hard Red Spring, Hard White, Rye, Spelt, Farro, Teff, Cornmeal and Polenta

Community Grains
Oakland (offices located across from Rockridge BART station; prefers email/phone contact)
100% California grown, whole grain and whole milled: wheat flour (including hard red winter wheat, hard white winter wheat, hard amber durum-same grain used for semolina flour, & soft white winter wheat-ideal pastry flour), red flint corn polenta & pastas


Daybreak Mill
North Portal
Stoneground flours include einkorn, spelt, kamut khorasan wheat, rye; and grains include spelt, einkorn, & rye

North Country Grains
Box 3
Swan River, Manitoba
Whole grain, stone ground wheat flour & mixes including waffle & pancake mix


Paul’s Grains
2475-B 340th Street
Laurel (Marshall County)
Corn kernels, wheat berries, rye berries, whole soy beans, buckwheat unhulled, buckwheat hulled, oat groats, barley groats, spelt, brown rice long, brown rice short, millet, brown flax seed, golden flax seed, pastry wheat, quinoa, kamut, white popcorn, yellow popcorn AND fifteen flours & a dozen cereals (including oatmeal, cornmeal & grits)


Aurora Mills & Farm 100% organic
408 Burton Road
Linneus (Aroostock County)
Wheat berries, (stone ground wheat, rye & spelt) flours, rolled oats

Grange Corner Farm
Van Cycle Road
Lincolnville (Waldo County)
Certified organic, stone ground flours: whole wheat flour (Red Fife & Warthog), whole rye flour (Danko rye); stoneground cornmeal (Early Riser corn)

Maine Grains at the Somerset Grist Mill
42 Court Street
Skowhegan (Somerset County)
Wheat berries, rye berries, rolled oats, cracked oats, cornmeal, (various wheat, rye & buckwheat) flours


Next Step Produce
10615 Benton Road
Newburg (Charles County)
Organic grains include barley, wheat, rye, oats, buckwheat, millet, sorghum & rice


Gray’s Grist Mill
638 Adamsville Road
Westport (Bristol County)
Grist Mill hours: Tues-Sun 12:00PM-4:00PM
Johnny Cake corn meal made from Rhode Island grown flint corn & pancake and waffle mix made from organic yellow corn and organic whole wheat & rye flours


Tenera Grains
14191 Calhoun Road
Addison (Lenawee County)
Brown and ivory teff flours and also selling Teffola, a nutty teff granola


Sunrise Flour Mill
35624 Grand Avenue
North Branch (Chisago County)
Organic products include Turkey Red heritage wheat & Red Fife heritage wheat, rye, and oat flours; fresh flaked oats & oat groats, cornmeal, Red Fife heritage wheat berries, oats n rye oatmeal

New York

Champlain Valley Milling
6679 Main Street
Westport (Essex County)
Flours include wheat, rye, spelt & emmer; wheat, rye, spelt and emmer berries

Farmer Ground
Trumansburg (Tompkins County)
Flours include wheat (high-extraction bread, whole wheat & all purpose), rye, whole buckwheat, spelt AND cornmeal & polenta

Gianforte Farm
E Lake Road
Cazenovia (Madison County)
Up to 13 different organic, food grade grains & beans including heritage red fife and hard red spring wheat berries or kernels, brown rice, and dried black turtle beans; flours include whole wheat (hard red spring & heritage red fife), white wheat (soft white winter) & buckwheat flour; cornmeal, rolled & whole oats, three grain cereal

Wild Hive Farm Community Grain Project
2645 Salt Pint Turnpike
Clinton Corners (Dutchess County)
Flours include wheat, spelt, rye, corn, oats;  & wheat, spelt & rye berries; & polenta, cornmeal & oatmeal

North Carolina

Carolina Ground
Asheville (Buncombe County)
Bread wheat, pastry wheat (winter wheats), Wren’s Abruzzi rye, cold stone milled flours of various siftings; soft red wheat berries; farina; barley malt flour


Camas Country Mill
91949 Purkerson Road
Junction City (Lane County in the Willamette Valley)
Growing organic, transitional and conventional cereals & legumes (including purple karma barley, revived by the Oregon State Barley Project) on 3rd generation farm. Small batches of artisan flour (including 4 types of wheat, brown teff & dark northern rye flours) milled at farm’s stone burr mill

Greenwillow Grains
All our nutrient dense products grown in Willamette Valley on our family farm
32345 Mclagan Road
Tangent (Linn County in the Willamette Valley)
Organic flours: whole wheat, rye, barley, triticale, buckwheat, cake flour; Organic raw rolled oats & gluten-free raw rolled oats; Organic whole grains: hard red wheat berries, soft white wheat berries, rye berries, triticale berries, golden wheat bran; Chicken treats & custom animal feeds

Lonesome Whistle Farm (Jeff Broadie & Kasey White)
92112 River Road
Junction City (Lane County)
Organic heritage grains & dried bean crops

Shepherd’s Grain
650 NE Holladay Street, Suite 1600
Dedicated to sustainable agriculture, Shepherd’s Grain farmers (nearly 60 wheat farmers from three geographical areas, southern Alberta, Pacific Northwest and southern California) “do less to the soil so that nature can do more” by practicing no-till, direct seeding agriculture.
Flours include Whole Wheat, High Gluten, Low Gluten, Pastry & Semolina


Daisy Flours by McGeary Organics
941 Wheatland Avenue #401
Lancaster (Lancaster County)
Oldest continually operating flour mill  (Annville Flour Mill, circa 1741) producing varieties of organic pastry, wheat, spelt, all-purpose, whole grain & bread flours

Small Valley Milling
1188 Mountain House Road
Halifax (Dauphin County)
Spelt, rye, emmer, einkorn & wheat flours AND kernels

Rhode Island

See listing for Gray’s Grist Mill under Massachusetts

South Carolina

Anson Mills
1922 C Gervais Street
Organic heirloom grains and flours: Grits & hominy corn, cornmeal, polenta, rice; Wheat (pasta, bread, biscuit & pastry), rye, oat, buckwheat flours; Stone cut oats, farro, Sea Island red peas & benne seeds


Central Milling
122 E Center Street
Logan (Cache County)
Organic flours include wheat, rye, whole khorasan, buckwheat, pastry, malted wheat, and dark northern spring wheat for pizza


Butterworks Farm
421 Trumpass Road
Westfield (Orleans County)
Wheat berries, corn meal, whole wheat flour, spelt, rye & various other grains

Nitty Gritty Grain Co. of Vermont
4458 Lake Road
Charlotte (Chittenden County)
Wheat Berries, Flours- All Purpose, White, Pastry and Whole Wheat, Cornmeals, Baking Mixes, Rye & Other Grains


Woodson’s Mill
3211 Lowesvillel Road
Roseland (Nelson County)
Grits, flours, meals, & pancake mixes produced by hand in small batches in an historic landmark


Bluebird Grain Farms 100% Certified Organic
228 Rendezvous Road
Winthrop (Okanogan County)
Organic ancient & heirloom whole grains: emmer farro, Einka (einkorn) berries, heritage dark northern rye berries, Pasayten white wheat berries; Organic fresh milled flours: emmer, einka (einkorn), heritage dark northern rye flour, Pasayten hard white, Methow hard red wheat; Organic cracked cereals & split grains: potlatch pilaf, split emmer farro, old world cereal blend, cracked farro porridge; Organic handcrafted product blends: sage biscuit mix, einka & French lentil blend, emmer pancake & waffle mix

Joseph’s Grainery
Airport Access Road
Colfax (Whitman County)
Wheat & Barley flours; Kitchen ready mixes

Nash’s Organic Produce
4681 Sequim-Dungeness Way
Sequim (Clallam County)
Organic whole grains & flours, including hard red wheat, soft white wheat, triticale (cross between red wheat & rye), rye, buckwheat, oats (whole & rolled), and corn (whole dried & cornmeal)


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