Organic Beans/Legumes

Many small family farms are diversifying their crops by planting and growing beans/legumes, which can provide another source of revenue from sales to mindful consumers. Beans are legumes, but not all legumes are really beans. A lesson from Daily Health Lesson notes that “Regardless, legumes and beans are a great source of fiber, protein, iron and other nutrients the body needs and are typically low in fat and contain no cholesterol.” Food writer/activist, Mark Bittman has said that success for him would be to “get every American to eat rice and beans” at least once a week.

Farmers markets are a great place to buy organic beans from a small family farm. On a wintry day, getting ready to make some black bean soup, black beans purchased at a winter farmers market sponsored by Berkshire Grown in Great Barrington (Berkshire County, Mass) from Colfax Farm, a small organic farm in West Stockbridge (Berkshire County, Ma) are soaking in a bowl on the kitchen counter; holding off on using heirloom cranberry beans purchased at this same wonderful winter farmers market from New Leaf Farm, a small organic farm in New Lebanon (Columbia County, NY). As a regular shopper at the outstanding Troy Waterfront Farmers Market (Rensselaer County, NY), organic beans can be found at some stands at this destination farmers market. Find a convenient farmers market, and include beans/legumes in your purchases!

The Bulk Foods section of Food Co-ops also are an excellent place to shop for organic beans and legumes.

In addition, the listings below are praiseworthy small farms growing & marketing beans/legumes, as well as companies that offer organic and heirloom beans & legumes via mail order:


Elegant Beans and Beyond
12609 North West Lane
Lodi (San Joaquin County)


Daybreak Mill
North Portal

New York

Gianforte Farm
E Lake Road
Cazenovia (Madison County)
Dried black turtle beans


Lonesome Whistle Farm (Jeff Broadie & Kasey White)
92112 River Road
Junction City (Lane County)
Organic dried bean crops & heritage grains


Shiloh Farms
1891 Commerce Drive
New Holland (Lancaster County)

South Carolina

Anson Mills
1922 C Gervais Street
Southern peas & beans


Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center
225 Pavillion Road
East Thetford (Orange County)


Joseph’s Grainery
Airport Access Road
Colfax (Whitman County)
Lentils & chickpeas (garbanzos)
[Not certified organic but commitment to sustainability, including a three year crop rotation, never treating with pesticides & products free from additives and preservatives]

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