Eight excellent reasons “how small dairies make a big difference” (as noted by Catskills Family Creameries, which no longer has an internet presence): (1) Food that is grown closer to home is fresher and tastes better, (2) Fresher food has more nutritional value, (3) Farmers take responsibility for their animals and the food they sell directly to consumers and have “accountability,” (4) Well-managed farms protect clean water and maintain ecosystems that plants, animals, and humans inhabit, (5) Buying from local farmers supports the local economy so that rural farming communities survive, (6) Unwanted and excessive development is prevented by preserving the farm landscape, (7) The rural cultural heritage is sustained, and (8) Supporting local farmers preserves food production for future generations so that the need for agricultural imports decreases and “we can feed ourselves.”


Elkins (Washington County)

White River Creamery
11701 S Hwy 16
Fresh chèvre & raw aged goat milk feta from from farm’s own herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats; feta, neufchatel, camembert, ricotta & fromage blanc from local cow’s milk certified free of antibiotics & hormones


The California Artisan Cheese Guild is dedicated to the bounty of artisan, specialty and farmstead cheese and provides a directory of its 28 cheese producing members:


Canadian Georgs Kolesnikovs, a lifelong lover of cheese, includes listings of nearly 200 cheese makers in Canada on his Canadian cheese lover’s website.  Easily searched, it has listings of nearly 200 cheese makers in Canada, organized geographically by seven distinct regions of Ontario, thirteen distinct regions of Quebec, the Maritimes, and the Canadian West. CLICK HERE for a link.

British Columbia

Parksville  (Vancouver Island)

Little Qualicum Cheeseworks
403 Lowry’s Road
16 artisan cow’s milk cheese including aged raw-milk (Swiss gruyere-like) Rathtrevor, potent & tangy Bleu Claire & buttery Caerphilly from farm’s own herd of Hostein, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss and Canadienne dairy cows


Information on nearly 100 cheesemakers provided at La Route de Fromages du Quebec (Quebec Cheese Trail).


Fort Collins (Larimer County)

MouCo Cheese Company
1401 Duff Drive
Natural rind, cows milk (from local farms & tested to be free of antibiotics) cheeses, soft and creamy, including Camembert, Truffello, ColoRouge and Ashley.

Longmont (Boulder County)

Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy
1121 Colorado Avenue
One of the first artisanal goat cheese producers in U.S.  Cheeses include pure and simple chevre (Haystack Mountain Boulder Chevre), herb-coated, marinated and smoked varieties of cheve, goat milk feta and goat camembert


Colchester (New London County)

Cato Corner Farm
178 Cato Corner Road
Farmhouse cow milk cheddar and signature Hooligan, a ripe washed-rind cheese with creamy interior


Winter Park (Orange County)

Winter Park Dairy
4501 Howell Branch Road
Artisan cow’s milk cheeses including Bleu Sunshine (natural rind blue vein cheese with mild, nutty taste & creamy texture), Florida Tomme (a pressed alpine style semi-hard cheese), Florida Cheddar, Baby Swiss, and Black & Bleu (cracked roasted peppercorn infused blue vein cheese) made with milk from farm’s herd of dairy cows.


Carrollton (Carroll County)

Coles Lake Dairy
655 Coles Lake Road
Savory chevre goat cheeses (including onion & chive, roasted garlic, Italian herb, and sundried tomatoes with pepper), sweet chevre goat cheeses (including strawberry, blueberry, cranberry and peach) and Persian-style feta


Kula (Maui)

Surfing Goat Dairy
3651 Omaopio Road
Fresh goat cheese chèvre made with milk from 42-acre dairy’s herd of 100-plus goats, mostly Saanen and Alpine. Flavors include Udderly Delicious (plain), Garden Fantasia (fresh garden herbs), Mango Supreme (fresh mangoes & mango chutney), O Solé Mio (sundered tomatoes), Olé (jalapeños, artichokes, lime juice, cilantro), Rolling Green (fresh garlic chives), and Mandalay (apples, bananas, curry).


Victor (Teton County)

Paradise Springs Farm Cheeses
Fox Lane (slightly west of Idaho State Highway 33)
Small batches of cow milk cheeses including Mahogany Ridge Raw Organic-Alp style and Teton White Cheddar Raw Organic style from farm’s small herd of mostly Brown Swiss cows


Greenville (Bond County)

Marcoot Jersey Creamery
526 Dudleyville Road
Cow’s milk cheeses made solely from the milk of the creamery’s Registered Jersey, grass fed cattle.  Farmstead cheeses include gouda, havarti, and cheddar.  Cave aged cheeses include tomme, alpine, cheddar and heritage.


Connersville (Fayette County)

Jacobs & Brichford Farmstead Cheese
2957 S. State Road 1 (Indiana 1, 3 miles south of Connersville)
All cheese processed with raw cow’s milk sourced only from farm’s grass-fed herd of Jersey, Normande & Tarentaise cross cows.  Farmstead artisan cheeses include Ameribella, a semi soft, washed rind cheese, Briana, a semi-firm smear ripened cheese carefully aged for 90 days and Everton, styled after Alpine cheeses with a firm creamy texture and a savory, sweet flavor that gets sharper with age.

Greenville (Floyd County)

Capriole Farm
10329 New Cut Road
Goat cheeses: (1) fresh (O’Banon & Chèvre); (2) surface ripened (Crocodile Tears, Piper’s Pyramide, Sofia & Wabash Cannonball); and (3) aged (Mont St. Francis, Julianna, Old Kentucky Tomme) 

Zionsville (Boone County)

Traders Point Creamery
9101 Moore Road
Cow milk artisan cheeses made from farm’s herd of organic Brown Swiss cows including farmstead feta, Boone County bloomy (soft-ripened with ash rind similar to camembert) as well as “Continental” cheeses including baby swiss, white cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack and “fromages” (freshly made, spreadable cheeses in blanc, garden herb & spicy flavors).


Milton (Van Buren County)

Milton Creamery
202 East Highway 2
Cow’s milk cheeses made from milk from small Amish dairy farms with herds of less than 55 cows managed and milked by immediate families.  No artificial growth hormones and cows grazed through much of the year.  Cheeses include Flory’s Truckle, cheddar formed and aged clothbound in truckles (cylinder shapes); Prairie Breeze, white cheddar style cheese, sweeter than typical cheddar; and Prairie Rose, mild natural rinded Swiss-style cheddar.


Austin (Barren County)

Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese
2033 Thomerson Park Road
Cheddar, Asiago, Gouda, Havarti, Gruyere-type called Norwood


The Maine Cheese Guild provides a down-loadable brochure of its 26 producing member creameries and a link to a handy map to locate the creameries:

Appleton (Knox County)

Appleton Creamery
780 Gurney Town Road
Goat milk chevre, feta, crofter (aged); Sheep milk brie, feta, yogurt

Columbia (Washington County)

Udder View Farm
256 Sacarap Road
Goat milk chevre, feta

Edmunds (Washington County)

Tide Mill Creamery [Rachel Bell & Nate Horton]
103 Tide Mill Road
Fromage blanc (spreadable cheese) in various flavors including plain, garlic & dill, onion, honey lavender, sea salted and spicy made from Tide Mill Organic Farm’s own herd of cows and variety of organic farmstead goat milk cheeses made from herd of Nubian goats that browse the woodland pasture around the farm

Skowhegan (Somerset County)

Crooked Face Creamery at Clark Haven Farm
620 Middle Road
Farmstead cheeses made with milk from farm’s Jersey cows include aged Gouda-style cheese in various varieties including plain, red pepper, rosemary, herbs de provence & savory (wood-fired) and whole milk ricotta & ricotta salata (pressed ricotta with fresh herbs)


Brandywine (Prince George’s County)

P. A. Bowen Farmstead
15701 Doctor Bowen Road (Village of Aquasco)
Farmstead raw milk cheeses (aged a minimum of 60 days) from small herd of grass-fed Jersey cows including Prince George’s Blue, a natural-rinded, creamy blue cheese, Chesapeake Cheddar, a classic aged cheddar with creamy texture and buttermilk tang, Dreamy Creamy, a white stilton-type cheese, and Barely Blue, a few blue veins run through the center of each wheel surrounded by creaminess of Dreamy Creamy

Boyds (Montgomery County)

Cherry Glen Goat Cheese Co.
16120 Barnesville Road
Fresh and soft-ripened artisanal goat milk cheeses made from farm’s own goats. Handmade in small batches, cheeses include fresh chèvre & ricotta and soft ripened traditional Crottin and brie-like Monocacy Silver, Monocacy Ash & Monocacy Chipotle.


Hardwick (Worcester County)

Robinson Farm
42 Jackson Road
Unique farmstead cheeses from grass fed cows; all washed rind, aged at least 120 days, made with raw whole milk including swiss, tomme & mild comte style

Hubbardston (Worcester County)

Westfield Farm
28 Worcester Road
Goat milk chevre, blue; Cow milk camembert, blue

Newbury (Essex County)

Dancing Goats Dairy
41R Parker Street [farmstore hours: everyday 8:00AM-7:00PM (cash only)]
Farmstead goat’s milk cheeses (fresh & aged) from dairy’s own herd of pasture-grazed mixed breed goats

Warwick (Franklin County)

Chase Hill Farm
74 Chase Hill Road
Farmstead & organic cow’s milk cheese from farm’s own herd of 100% pasture-grazed cows available at Amherst Farmers Market & local co-ops and markets in Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts

Westport (Bristol County)

Shy Brothers Farm
1325 Main Road
Handmade cow’s milk cheeses from third generation dairy farm including Hannahbells (boutons de culottes): tiny artisinal cheeses in rosemary, lavender bud, shallot, as well as classic French; Also: Mozzarella curd and Cloumage, a fresh lactic curd with texture of a baked ricotta

Winchendon (Worcester County)

Smith’s Country Cheese
20 Otter River Road
Gouda, Cheddar, Havarti


Northport (Leelanau County)

Idyll Farms’ Alpine Goat Farm & Creamery
10901 East Peterson Park Road
French-style goat cheeses including fresh chèvre, washed rind aged tommes, bloomy rind camembert style, chevrotin, ricotta & creme fraiche


Mankato (Blue Earth County)

Alemar Cheese
622 North Riverfront Drive
Artisan cheese includes Bent River, in the style of camembert, made with cow’s milk from 100% grass fed herd of cows

Nerstrand (Rice County)

Shepherd’s Way Farms
8626 160th Street E
Hand-crafted farmstead sheep milk cheeses including Friesago, a natural rind semi-aged table cheese; Shepherd’s Hope, fresh & creamy; Morcella, soft ripened with local morel mushrooms; Big Woods Blue, a full flavored blue cheese


Bloomsdale (Sainte Genevieve County)

Baetje Farms
8932 Jackson School Road
Pure artisan farmstead goat cheeses including its award winning Bloomsdale, a mold ripened cheese rolled in a mixture of ash and salt, and Coeur de la Creme cheeses, heart shaped fresh chevre cheeses seasoned with different herbs or fruits (plain, herb de provence, three pepper, garlic and chive, cranberry and orange, dark chocolate raspberry, bavarian lemon creme*, vanilla lime*, pumpkin walnut* and cranberry and cinnamon*. [* indicates it is seasonal]

Weston (Platte County)

Green Dirt Farm
20363 Mount Bethel Road
Fresh & spreadable sheep’s milk cheese in five varieties (plain, nettle, garlic & peppercorn, spicy chilis and rosemary) made with sheep’s milk from farms “own gently raised, grass-fed ewes” as well as Bossa (sheep’s milk washed rind cheese), Dirt Cover (classic ash-dusted French farmhouse cheese), Prairie Tomme (French alpine-style cheese similar to gruyere and gouda), Wooly Rind (like a classic camembert)


Raymond (Lancaster County)

Branched Oak Farm’s Farmstead Cheeses
17015 NW 70th Street
Cow milk cheeses including raw-milk, natural rind Gouda aged minimum of 60 days and pasteurized versions of Gouda flavored with cumin, dill & soft rind camembert

Spalding (Greeley County)

Clear Creek Organic Farms
82228 499th Avenue
Pasteurized and raw cow’s milk cheeses from 100% grass fed (pastured) cows, including aged cow’s milk Cheddar, plain and white, and in various flavors (bacon & ranch, black walnut, caraway, smoked) and Monterey Jack

New Hampshire

Canterbury (Merrimack County)

Brookford Farm
250 West Road
Farmstead cheeses made with milk from grass fed cows including various cheddars, gouda, Dutch maasdam (in Swiss emmental style), bleu, brie, feta, camembert & cottage cheese

Walpole (Cheshire County)

Boggy Meadow Farm Dairy
13 Boggy Meadow Lane
Raw cow’s milk Alpine cheeses including Baby Swiss & Smoked Baby Swiss, Farmstead Jack, “cave-aged” Fiddlehead Tomme & others

Wilton (Hillsborough County)

Abbot Hill Creamery at Temple-Wilton Community Farm
195 Isaac Frye Hwy
Raw cow’s milk farmstead cheeses including camembert, feta & quark (a tangy, German-style cream cheese) from farm’s herd of grass fed Ayrshire, Normandy and Jersey milking cows

New Jersey

Long Valley (Morris County)

Valley Shepherd Creamery
50 Fairmount Road
Sheep milk cheeses including Oldwick Shepherd (a cave ripened raw sheep milk cheese), and Bababloo ( a cave aged Blue) and Sheepamid (like a creamy goat cheese but made from sheep milk mixed with Jersey cow milk)

New Mexico

Estancia (Torrance County)

The Old Windmill Dairy
52 Paso Ranch Road
Goat’s milk cheeses from dairy’s herd of Nubian goats included a dozen types of chèvre and semi-soft cheeses including McIntosh Cheddar, Sandia Sunrise Gouda & Manzano Blue Moon.

Pie Town (Catron County)

Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese Dairy
47 Coonridge Dairy
Artisinal varieties of soft-spreading goat cheese including herbs de Provence, flame roasted green chile, New Mexican raspberry jam, hot curry delight and Scarborough Fair (parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme) made with goat’s milk from dairy’s herd of Alpine, Nubian, La Mancha and Oberhasli dairy goats, which roam freely in high desert country protected by Maremma guardian dogs.

New York

The Finger Lakes Cheese Alliance has a members page with information on farmstead dairy creameries producing artisan cheeses in eight counties located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, including in Cayuga County (4 Tin Fish Farm micro goat dairy in Conquest, Keeley’s Cheese Company at McGarr FarmsFinger Lakes Dexter Creamery Kefir Cheese, and Tumino Cheese Co. in King Ferry), Livingston County (Heaven Scent Farm in Dansville), Schuyler County (Sunset View Creamery in Odessa), Seneca County (Crosswinds Farm & Creamery in Ovid and Muranda Cheese Co. in Waterloo), Steuben County (Parulski Farms in Bath), Tioga County (Engelbert Farms in Nichols and Side Hill Acres Dairy Goat Farm in Candor), Tompkins County (Kenton’s Cheese Co. in Trumansburg), and Yates County (Shtayburne Farms in Rock Stream).

Argyle (Washington County)

Argyle Cheese Farm
990 Coach Hill Road
Farmstead cow’s milk cheeses including (i) Grace, a raw milk aged cheese similar to gouda, (ii) Havarti, (iii) Revival, based on Dunlop, a Scottish cheddar & (iv) Caerphilly, semi firm with a buttery texture

Cazenovia (Madison County)

Meadowood Farms
5157 Ridge Road
Handcrafted farmstead sheep’s milk cheeses (May-Oct), inspired by the Piedmont region of Italy, including Ledyard, soft-ripened in style of Robiola; Rippleton, in style of Talleggio; Lorenzo, an Alpine style similar to Raclette, as well as cow’s milk cheeses including Juvindale, soft-ripened in style of Reblochon & Lincklaen, a naturally rinded blue cheese

Cherry Valley (Otsego County)

Windy Hill Goat Dairy
504 North Road
Farmstead artisan chevre & feta handcrafted on-farm

Deansboro (Oneida County)

Jakes Gouda Cheese
2142 Brothertown Road
Gouda cheese in the Dutch tradition made with milk from farm’s own cows, turned daily on pine planks to ensure uniform age and perfection for at least 60 days and covered with a cream coating instead of a wax seal. Available in three styles- baby, aged, and smoked.

Delhi (Delaware County)

Modern Milkmaid’s Farmstead Cheese at Betty Acres Farm
21529 NY-28
Handcrafted fresh in farm’s micro creamery from milk of own Guernsey & Jersey cows, and aged in farm’s hillside cave

East Bethany (Genessee County)

First Light Farm and Creamery
Cacner Road (west of Bethany Center Rd)
Chevre from farm’s own goat milk, and feta & cheddar curls from a blend of farm’s goat milk & certified organic cow’s milk from nearby Grassland Dairy, 6350 Sparks Rd., Pavilion (Genessee County), NY, and  cheddar and jack cheeses made from Grassland Dairy’s cow’s milk

Garrattsville (Otsego County)

Painted Goat Farm
371 Mittedorf Road
Farmstead artisan goat’s milk cheese from small herd of 70 goats, pastured on over 100 acres of rolling hills

Ghent (Columbia County)

Hawthorne Valley Farm
327 County Route 21C
Aged, raw milk, hard cheeses (100% certified organic and biodynamic) including Cheddar and Alpine; various soft cheeses including Bianca and Mayhill from farm’s own herd of 60 dairy cows

Goshen (Orange County)

5 Spoke Creamery
1089 Pulaski Highway
Farmstead, raw milk cheeses “produced on site with a closed herd” of grass-fed Holstein cows, free of pesticides & hormones.  Cheeses include Welsh Cheddar & Herbal Jack.

Interlaken (Seneca County)

Lively Run Goat Dairy
8890-8990 County Road 142
Traditional French-style plain chèvre (and various flavors of chèvre including dill, fine herbs, garlic & pepper, herbs de Provence, lemon thyme); goat milk feta; Finger Lakes Gold, a hard cheese made from goat milk; and cow’s milk cheeses including Blue Yonder, Lake Effect Cheddar and Gorge Trail Gouda.

Jefferson (Schoharie County)

Harpersfield Cheese at Brovetto Diary
1677 Co. 29
Aged natural & crafted by using milk from 40 year old farm’s own herd of Holstein/Jersey cows

Jordan (Onondaga County)

Wake Robin Farm
125 Brutus Road
Cow’s milk cheeses from farm’s own small herd of Jersey cows: Mona Lisa (similar to Asiago, Provolone, Parmesan); Bailiwick Cheddar, Opus (similar to English cheddar), Caerffili (similar to mozzarelli), Trillium (similar to camembert), Brutus Blue (similar to Stilton), Jordan Jack (similar to Monterey Jack), Farmer’s Fromage (similar to farmer’s cheese) & fresh cheese curds.

Keesville (Essex County)

North Country Creamery
931 Mace Chasm Road
Cow’s milk cheeses from farm’s own herd of 100% grass-fed Milking Shorthorn & Jersey including fresh cheeses: Cheeseville (like fromage blanc), Farmer’s Cheese (fresh pressed cheese curd) & Feta. Also aged cheeses: Couronne (semi-hard tomme), Northland (semi-hard gouda/tomme cross, Herdmaster (hard swiss-like Alpine) & Havarti (semi-soft).

Old Chatham (Columbia County)

Old Chatham Sheepherding Company
155 Shaker Museum Road
Sheep milk soft-ripened cheeses; Sheep and cow milk camembert; Ricotta; Sheep milk yogurt

Pine Plains (Dutchess County)

Chaseholm Farm Creamery (Rory & Sarah Chase)
100 Chase Road
Farmstead artisanal cheeses, made by hand with cow milk from farm’s grassfed “motley crew of Holsteins, Jerseys and a few Brown Swiss.” Cheeses include herbed farmer’s cheese, queso blanco, camembert, raw milk tomme, alpine style gruyere, a smear ripened cheese washed with hard apple cider (Red Beard) & a slightly aged, bloomy rind cheese with ash layer beneath (Moonlight: Chaource style).

Poland (Kuyahoora Valley of Herkimer County)

Three Village Cheese (the Felio family)
2608 Newport Road
Artisan cheeses from raw cow, goat & sheep milk: semi-sort cheeses including havarti (plain & various flavors-Italian herb and jalapeño, for example), and feta; hard cheeses including (i) Tomme, (ii) a nutty-sweet Swedish farmer’s cheese, (iii) Nokkelost, a traditional Norwegian cheese flavored with cumin, caraway & cloves and (iv) Cascadita, an aged goat cheese.

Sharon Springs (Schoharie County)

Beekman 1802 Cheese Blaak
Mercantile Store at 210 Main Street
Italian-style semi-hard cheese, with mild but distinctive flavor, made from 60:40 mix of goat and cow milk.  Aged for 4 months and coated with ash at each turning to promote ripening of the wheel.

Shushan (Washington County)

3-Corner Field Farm
County Route 64
Sheep’s milk cheeses include Brebis Blanche for spreading or slicing, Ricotta, Feta, Shushan Snow (like camembert), Frére Fumant (mellow paté in style of Basque region Idiazabal), Battenkill Brebis (traditional tomme-style aged cheese)

South New Berlin (Chenango County)

The Maiden’s Creamery at Good Fields Farm
1277 Copes Corner Road
Farmstead artisan raw milk aged cheese from farm’s herd of Alpine & Nubian goats

Stuyvesant (Columbia County)

Ardith Mae Farmstead Goat Cheese
1094 State Route 9J
Artisanal fresh and aged goat cheeses, including chèvre, camembert and feta

North Carolina

Climax (Randolph County)

Goat Lady Dairy
3515 Jess Hacker Road
Goat milk cheeses including spreadable fromage in 9 flavors, tangy raw milk feta & buttery aged gouda

Marshall (Madison County)

Three Graces Dairy at Ferguson Farm
335 Milky Way
Farmstead cheeses including fresh chevre, goat feta, Guernsey cow feta

Rougemont (Durham County)

Prodigal Farm
4720 Bahama Road
Farmstead goat cheeses including plain and flavored chevres (herbes-de-province, strawberry, jalapeno, roasted garlic with chipotle); marinated feta and Cambozola, a camembert-style chevre


Mount Gilead (Morrow County)

6398 State Route 19
Sheep & cow milk farmstead cheeses, including sheep milk Owl Creek Tomme, cow’s milk Headwaters Tomme with “river” of ash through center, and alpine style cow’s milk Moraine, with a creamy Swiss-like character


Helena (Alfalfa County)

Wagon Creek Creamery
11690 County Road 710
Yogurt cheese (original, garlic & jalapeño), raw milk colby (fresh or aged), ricotta (curd style & cream style), mozzarella cheese, all made from small herd of grass fed cows on family farm.

Kingfisher (Kingfisher County)

Christian Cheese Company (George & LaWanna Christian)
13th & Airport Road
Farmstead cheddars (including mild yellow, sharp, colby, sun dried tomato basil & jalapeño) made from grass fed cows on pasture untreated with herbicides and chemical fertilizers


The Oregon Cheese Guild, which is dedicated to the art and craft of making cheese,  provides a listing of its 20 cheese producing members:


Chester County Cheese Artisans represents eight farmstead and artisinal cheese makers practicing their craft in Chester County, “some of the finest farmland in the country.”  []

Cresco (Monroe County in Pocono Mountains)

Cranberry Creek Farm
112 Henry’s Crossing Road
Farmstead fresh chèvre, made with milk from farm’s herd of registered American Alpine dairy goats, in plain, garlic, veggie pepper, dill, hot pepper & cranberry

Newton (Lackawana County)

Birchwood Farm
428 Brownsburg Road
Jersey cow milk cheddar, baby swiss, full cream yogurt

South Carolina


Clemson University Dairy’s Blue Cheese
118 Newman Hall
800.599.0181 or 864.656.3242
Semi-soft, mild Roquefort-style blue cheese available in wheels (1.5-1.75 pounds), wedges (7-8 ounces), crumbled and in a tangy dressing.  Described as “hand-made . . . in the finest craft tradition.”


Flower Mound (Denton County)

Latte Da Dairy
1304 Bridle Bit Road
Artisinal goat cheeses including chèvre, caerphilly and gouda


Vermont Cheese Council– dedicated to production and advancement of Vermont cheeses.  Its Vermont cheese trail includes 41 cheese making

Highgate Center (Franklin County)

Boucher Family Farm
2183 Gore Road
Cow milk cheeses: Farmhouse blue, Gorgonzola style, Muenster style, Alpine-style tomme

Montpelier (Washington County)

Cabot Creamery
1 Home Farm Way
Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Colby Jack, Muenster, Swiss, Mozzarella

Putney (Windham County)

Vermont Shepherd
281 Patch Road
Sheep milk semi-hard Vermont Shepherd, Sheep & Cow milk semi-hard Invierno

South Woodstock (Windsor County)

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company
3786 Church Hill Road
Cow milk cheeses (from mixed breed herd of Holstein, Jersey, Ayrshire & Swiss Brown) including Cheddar, Havarti-style Tilsit & Edam

Townshend (Windham County)

Big Picture Farm
1600 Peaked Mountain Road
Farmstead goat’s milk cheeses including chèvre & aged goat tomme

Websterville (Washington County)

Vermont Butter & Cheese Company
40 Pittman Road
Goat milk chevre, feta; Cow milk creme fraiche, fromage blanc, mascarpone; Cultured butter


Galax (Grayson County)

Meadow Creek Dairy
6724 Meadow Creek Road
Jersey cow milk cheeses with a deep yellow color, naturally aged from a minimum of 60 days to over a year including Grayson, Appalachian and Mountaineer


The website of the Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival, which sponsors an annual celebration of the artisanal cheese industry in Washington State, includes  a directory of approximately 20 artisanal cheesemakers:

Rice (Stevens County)

Quillisascut Farmstead Cheeses
2409 Pleasant Valley Road
Variety of aged raw goat milk cheeses, using only the milk from this Pleasant Valley (upper Columbia River region) farm’s own herd of goats, including a sweet and nutty tasting Quillisascut Traditional Curado and Quillisascut Viejo, a firm grating cheese similar to a Romano.

Tieton (Yakima County)

Tieton Farm & Creamery
18796 Summitview Road
Farmstead artisanal cheeses from farm’s pampered herd of Nubian goats & Katahdin sheep including Bianca (fresh chevre-style), Sonnet & Black Pearl (Bloomy Rinds), Halloumi (Mediterranean cheese that can be grilled), & Venus (aged, wash-rind cheese made with sheep and goat milk, then bathed in cider from Tieton Cider Works.)

West Virginia

Paw Paw (Morgan County)

Spring Gap Mountain Creamery
7 Pansy Lane
Raw milk cheeses made from pasture raised Jersey cows and aged minimum of 60 days include Farmhouse Feta, Jersey Gold, Shenandoah Sunrise, Sophie’s Select, West Virginia Blue & Bloomery


Dodgeville (Iowa County)

Uplands Cheese
5023 State Road 23 North
Farmstead and artisan cheese from milk of grass-fed cows in the tradition of Alpine cheeses like gruyere, namely its Pleasant Ridge Reserve-the winner of the American Cheese Society’s annual competition.

Mt. Sterling (Crawford County)

Mt. Sterling Co-op Creamery
310 Diagonal Street
Member owned and operated co-op creamery, of traditional, family-operated dairy goat farms, producing raw goat milk cheddar cheeses, semi-soft country-jack style cheeses, feta goat cheese & goat milk mozzarella

Waterloo (Jefferson County)

Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese
W11550 Torpy Road
Mascarpone, mozzarella, Les Freres classic rind washed cheese

Westby (Vernon County)

Hidden Springs Creamery
S1597 Hanson Road
Handcrafted, farmstead sheep’s milk cheeses including feta, manchego, bohemian blue & creamy spreadable cheeses


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