Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a growing movement in the United States and Canada, which has provided economic support and predictability to farmers, practicing traditional family farming, that they will be able to continue to farm, and that communities will be able to enjoy fresh, local farm products.  Partnering with local farms by purchasing a “share” in the season’s harvest, consumers can know where their food is coming from and have the satisfaction of supporting local agriculture.  Participants, who purchase their shares early in the season, provide the farmer with a stable income, and in return they receive a weekly supply of fresh local farm products.

The PEI Food Exchange, a grass roots group committed to increasing food security on PEI, empowers individuals to increase food security for themselves and their communities through growing food, gleaning and education.  The PEI Food Exchange maintains a directory of over a dozen Community Supported Agriculture farms on Prince Edward Island.

Click here for a link to the Exchange’s directory.

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