Baldwin City (Douglas County)

Spring Creek Farm [Stephanie Thomas]
1841 N. 150 Road

Kansas City

Cultivate Kansas City CSA [Alicia Ellingsworth]
4223 Gibbs Road

Lawrence (Douglas County)

The Rolling Prairie Farmers’ Alliance– includes 6 farms spanning 4 counties in Northern Kansas
Buller Family Farm [Tom Buller & Jenny Welch Buller], 1577 North 1550 Road, Lawrence
Conway’s Produce [Paul Conway], 25476 183rd Street, Leavenworth (Leavenworth County)
East Stone House Creek Farm [Paul Johnson], 3960 Ridge Drive, Perry (Jefferson County)
Hoyland Farm [Robert Laminska], 1954 Union Road, Lawrence, 785.842.5697
Maier’s Farm [Tim Maier], 2365 Oregon Road, Ottawa (Franklin County)
Sandheron Farm [Stu Shafer], 3213 Buck Creek Road, Oskaloosa (Jefferson County)
Wakarusa Valley Farm {Mark Lumpe], 965 E 1000 Road, Lawrence, 785.749.4241

Ottawa (Franklin County)

Windwalker Farm [Joan & Jim Vibert]
1981 Indiana Road

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a growing movement in America, which has provided economic support and predictability to farmers, practicing traditional family farming, that they will be able to continue to farm, and that communities will be able to enjoy fresh, local farm products.  Partnering with local farms by purchasing a “share” in the season’s harvest, consumers can know where their food is coming from and have the satisfaction of supporting local agriculture.

Participants, who purchase their shares early in the season, provide the farmer with a stable income, and in return they receive a weekly supply of fresh local farm products.  This concept of Community Supported Agriculture was introduced into the United States in 1985 by Robyn Van En, who farmed in South Egremont, Massachusetts.  She learned of the concept from a Swiss friend, Jan Vander Tuin, and within 4 years her farm’s original membership of 30 shares grew to 150.

Wilson College in Chambersberg, Pennsylvania has established the Robyn Van En Center in honor of Ms. Van En who died in 1997.  The Robyn Van En Center maintains a data base of Community Supported Agriculture farms, now numbering over 1400 farms,  which is easily searched.  CLICK HERE to search for a CSA farm convenient to your home using this directory.

A Community Supported Agriculture directory of farms is also currently under construction for this website.  This directory will provide detailed information on CSA farms, which have established a commitment to produce their farm products using organic methods, without the use of harmful chemicals, genetic engineering or any synthetics, and which show care for the health of people, animals, land and water.  Please send information on CSA farms which meet this standard by visiting the contact us page.

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