The Michigan Farmers Market Association, 172 Natural Resources Building, East Lansing, 517.432.3381 [www.mifma.org] works with and for farmers markets, organizers, managers, farmers and vendors “to encourage the growth and success of farmers markets in Michigan.”  The Association maintains a listing of farmers markets throughout Michigan, which may be searched (1) by city names, from Acme to Zeeland, which number in total a remarkable 228 names, (2) by county names, from Alcona to Wexford, (3) by day of the week, or (4) by one of 7 regions- (i) Upper Peninsula, (ii) Northwest Lower Peninsula, (iii) Northeast Lower Peninsula, (iv) West Central Peninsula, (v) East Central Peninsula, (vi) Southwest Lower Peninsula, and (vii) Southeast Lower Peninsula.  The praiseworthy Michigan Farmers Market Association co-hosts the Michigan Farmers Markets Food Assistance Partnership, with the Michigan Food Policy Council “to ensure that all residents have access to healthy, locally grown food.”

CLICK HERE for access to the Michigan Farmers Market Association’s directories of farmers markets in Michigan.

The Farmers Market Coalition  maintains a Resource Library for farmers, managers of farmers market, market researchers, and organizations which sponsor or are looking to start farmers markets.  The Coalition’s database of resources “were developed by a wide spectrum of organizations, agencies and academic institutions” and it recognizes “the spirit of sharing” which allows it to make the resources available in one searchable portal.

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